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8 Benefits of Digitalizing Work Orders for Field Service and Maintenance

8 Benefits of Digitalizing Work Orders for Field Service and Maintenance
Filip Kralj
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May 4, 2023

Have you ever had to call the office and ask someone to pull a work order for you? The process can be time consuming and frustrating, not to mention that it takes up an employee's valuable time. Imagine how much more efficient your workflow would be if all of your work orders were digitalized!

Digitalization is a process that allows digital information to be communicated and shared across electronic devices. Digitalization of work orders can help reduce overall costs by eliminating the need for paper copies, which enables companies to stop buying new binders or order books every few months when it fills up with completed service calls. This also means you will save money on postage and faxing costs.  

Benefits of digitalizing company's work orders

1. A copy always on hand

There are many benefits of digitalizing your work orders. First one is that each of your technicians will have their own personal copy in their tablets or smartphones. This way they can easily access the information and update it as needed right away when a customer calls to inquire about his/her service call status.

2. Fast search of orders

Another benefit is that you are storing all work orders digitally, which means there is less chance for frauds or errors. In addition, you can search for a particular work order by keywords or customer name and get it in front of you within seconds.

3. Easier real-time progress tracking

A digitalized system also enables managers to track the progress of service jobs in real-time, receive automated alerts when technicians are running late or behind schedule, and more. So if you are looking for an efficient way to manage your work orders, then consider digitalizing them.

4. Editing anytime and everywhere

Digitalization is the process of converting information into a digital format; it enables more convenient access, faster processing and sharing of data across multiple devices. Another benefit of digital work orders is  that work orders can be viewed, edited and completed from anywhere at any time.

5. Increased productivity

With digitalization you can achieve increased productivity because it is easier for the technician to do his job promptly when he gets new information about a service call; this way he does not waste hours searching through paper files or looking up customer records on spreadsheets.

6. Less need for customer service

Digitalized work orders can help reduce the number of customer service inquiries because customers will be able to track the progress of their service call online.

7. Improve accountability

Digitalizing your work orders can help improve accountability, since there is a record of each step and action taken. This way you can easily identify who was responsible for what part of the job order.

8. More reliable system

Last but not least, a digital system is more reliable and secure than a paper-based system; if your computer crashes, all your data is backed up in another location so you will not lose any information.

With the help of work order automation and their appropriate monitoring and evaluation  tools, managers can have a much better understanding of what is happening on the ground. This improved visibility will help with making informed decisions about where to allocate resources and manpower next. For example, if an organization sees that their technicians are consistently running late on jobs, this data could be used to make the decision to hire more workers in that department.

Properly selected software simplifies incoming and outgoing tasks by creating a digitally traceable document that shows what needs to be done and how to do it.

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