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Have a clear picture of what is happening on the field. Receive up-to-date information and real time insight without having to do any extra work.

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Achieve business excellence

Communication errors between field workers and office staff can lead to various issues, including delays in information transfer and exchanges. With ebiTools, your office staff can access instant information from the field, enabling streamlined workflows and faster distribution processes.
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Foster team collaboration

With integrated solutions for successful team planning, every member of your team will be well-informed about their schedules and tasks at specific locations. Structured instructions from the office ensure that everyone knows what needs to be done, reducing wasted time and eliminating confusion.
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Effortless access to information

Imagine having instant access to information about past projects without the need to endlessly scroll through records. With ebiWork, this becomes a reality. This program automates office workflows, allowing for transparent monitoring of all essential processes from anywhere in the world.
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Boost productivity

ebiWork is the ideal solution for construction businesses seeking to streamline their office and field workflows. Managers can access real-time updates between locations and departments, enabling them to stay informed about ongoing services and make timely decisions
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Customized solutions thanks to ebiTools

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Effortless Scheduling and Feedback Management with ebiTime
Harness the power of ebiTime, the leading software for time and expense management. Its advanced logic transforms traditional tracking into accurate and efficient systems, enabling better scheduling of tasks with timely feedback. The advantage of ebiTime extends not only within your business but also towards customers, who can access more reliable information about projects.
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Enhance Efficiency and Simplicity with ebiWork
ebiWork is an advanced tool designed to streamline and automate work orders, offering transparent and up-to-date monitoring of crucial business processes. It goes beyond operational features by providing deeper insights and timely automated reminders for tasks within your workflow. With ebiWork, working becomes more efficient and easier than ever.
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ebiConnect: Unify Your Applications and Programs
Experience the immense benefits of ebiConnect, the ultimate solution for translating your diverse software programs into a unified data language. By leveraging ebiConnect, companies can access data from multiple programs in a single system, eliminating errors and duplication. Enjoy the convenience of having all your applications and programs seamlessly integrated in one place.
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