Simplify your business with seamless data exchange

Streamline your operations by connecting all your company's applications and programs into one unified system. Let the data work for you, effortlessly enabling efficient workflows.

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Enable data exchange in 3 simple steps

1. Translate
ebiConnect acts as a language translator, facilitating smooth communication between your different applications and programs.
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2. Recognize
Unlock the potential of data by making it usable across various applications and business processes. ebiConnect ensures data consistency and compatibility.
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3. Connect
Bring everything together in a unified system, harnessing the power of connected data for different business purposes. Seamlessly integrate and optimize your operations with ebiConnect.
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Key features - organize work your way

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Centralize all data from various programs and systems within your company, ensuring easy access and streamlined management.
One service automates various data streams into one.
Optimize your workflow with automation, allowing for faster and more efficient task management.
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Quickly access critical data by synchronizing information from multiple sources, eliminating data silos and improving data accessibility.
Merging two documents into one.
Consolidate data from different systems into one place without duplicating information, reducing redundancy and enhancing data accuracy.
Generating one table out of many.
Streamline your processes by eliminating tedious tasks, enabling you to achieve more efficient and effective results in your work.
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Enjoy a seamless solution for all your business-related integrations, promoting smooth collaboration and comprehensive data management.

Start integrating your ERP and CRM today

Eliminate the need for third-party toolkits

With ebiConnect, there's no need for additional third-party toolkits. It seamlessly pairs your offline software with online tools, effortlessly translating your data structure into a unified language.

Quick and easy integration experience

Enjoy a seamless integration experience with EbiConnect. It simplifies procedures and allows you to manage all your important documents in one centralized location, streamlining your workflow and improving efficiency.

Suitable for all, regardless of software used

EbiConnect is designed to connect different processes, making it suitable for all companies, regardless of the software they use. Enhance the efficiency of your company by seamlessly connecting different aspects of your operations.

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Data security guaranteed

At ebiConnect, we prioritize the security and privacy of your data. Our architecture is designed with stringent security measures to ensure the utmost protection. Rest assured that all your data is safeguarded with the highest level of security.

How it works

One app called ebiConnect connects various web apps with ERPs and CRMs.
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Automatic Synchronization
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No thirtd-party toolkits
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No duplicate content
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Easy Integration

Customized pricing

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