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Data Integration in a Box

How ebiConnect works and how it simplifies business processes?

Filip Kralj
Filip Kralj
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May 11, 2023

To make company's business operations more efficient and effective, each organization strives to integrate all available data into a single information system. However the task of integration is not an easy one because there are many different platforms that need coordination before they can be used together as part of upgraded data. This way the company can achieve the ultimate goal – improving customer service or boosting sales, but the path to the goal usually was not easy.

What if there exists a solution?

In a world where data is increasingly becoming the lifeblood of modern business, ebiConnect offers an innovative solution for translating different programs and integrating them in an unified system. This way companies can ensure that different parts – from Marketing departments to Logistics Partnerships – are all working in harmony without any confusion over which program owns what information or how it should be used within company's processes.

The company's data becomes available in a unified system and can be used for different business purposes.

How ebiConnect works?

You might have an eCommerce company with a variety of programs and software environments. You use accounting, customer records as well as online stores where you offer your products. With all these different programs and software environments, it can be difficult to keep track of everything. This is where ebiConnect helps you change and simplify your business processes. It offers a seamless solution that enables internal and external systems to communicate with each other. This means you can use one system for managing orders, while updating information automatically in any connected ERP or CRM tool – without additional manual work. For example, if an order comes into one system it can be changed automatically in another without any additional manual efforts being made by employees – this way no product or customer information gets lost and it is integrated in a unified system.

Say goodbye to a multitude of different solutions and third-party toolkits

ebiConnect is a revolutionary program that seamlessly integrates with your existing software and data, eliminating the need for costly third party solutions, that need to be managed by IT professionals. No matter what applications and programs you use or where in the world it's located – from accounting applications to customer relationship management systems – ebiConnect will automatically recognize any fields common across these programs so they can be synchronized quickly into one unified database without hassle on behalf of developers who are often overwhelmed by this task.

Key benefits if using ebiConnect

ebiConnect is a universal and versatile tool that helps any company to centralize their data. With it, you can have access to your company's data from various sources in one place - without any duplicate or overlapping information. You don't have to waste time trying figure out how different programs work with one another while also enjoying the benefits from an easy-to use common model across several software applications. ebiConnect provides a secure and private way for you to access all the features on our platform. We protect your data with top-tier encryption and provide complete protection.

Are you ready to try ebiConnect and simplify your business once and for all?

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Filip Kralj
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