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Data Integration in a Box

EbiConnect helps you connect all company applications quickly and easily

Andrej Lovsin
Andrej Lovsin
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April 23, 2023

ebiConnect - Seamless Data Integration & Exchange for ERP, CRM, and More

Each company has different programs and tools to perform individual tasks and different platforms on which they operate, but their biggest nightmare is how to integrate this data into a single system and make it available for further usage.

After all, the ultimate goal of company is to improve their operations and/or increase sales. For this purpose, business tries to get as much information about each client as possible or tries to make sure all the data of the company is available in such form, that it can be used for different business operations. When this data is fragmented in independent systems without any possibility of interaction, it becomes difficult for companies to use these data in an optimal way

Fortunately, there's a solution – ebiConnect.

ebiConnect acts like a classic language translator for your different speaking programs and translates data sets into a common data language for business and analytical applications. ebiConnect recognizes data structures and translates these integrations independently into a common language. This Common Data Model makes it possible to make data and its meaning usable across applications and business processes. This way, companies can make sure that data from different programs is available in a unified system and can be used for different business purposes.

ebiConnect is basically one-stop shop that allows you to get rid of tedious tasks and get more efficient results from your work.

How it works in practice

Let's say you have an eCommerce company. The company certainly uses several programs and software environments, such as accounting software, customer records, and you also use an online store where you offer your products. You are faced with a challenge of how to enable internal ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning) and external ones to communicate with each other in such a way that when orders arrive in one system, they automatically synchronize in another system – without work and duplication of content. ebiConnect allows you to, for example, change the price, add a new item only in one system, but the data is automatically updated wherever necessary – without additional manual work.

No need for third-party toolkits

ebiConnect pairs every offline software with your online tools and enables the translation of your data structure easily in one unified language. You don't have to worry about how to synchronize your master data across applications and software, because ebiConnect automatically recognizes and defines common data-fields which you can then synchronize across applications.

Key benefits that ebiConnect provides

The ebiConnect product is universal and suitable for use in all companies, regardless of the programs and applications you use. With the help of ebiConnect, you can have all the data from various programs and systems in the company in one place – without duplication of data and with transparent organization and the ability to manage data. Therefore you can quickly get access to the heart of your data by synchronizing all data sources and enjoy the benefits of the easy-to-use common data model throughout several software applications. Security and data privacy is the most important to us, therefore security is part of ebiConnect architecture. All data is protected with the highest level of protection.

Wan't to solve your problems with data synchronization forever?

Give us a call or fill in the contact form. We are here to help!

Andrej Lovsin
I have been a software developer since I was 12 and I think this shaped my approach to solving problems. What I do first, is untangle them – and my favorite tool for that is a whiteboard. This is what I’m passing on to the company. I am proud that develops intelligent SaaS solutions for businesses that help optimize business processes in a faster and more efficient way.
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