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Maximizing Moments of Change for Intrapreneurs

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Andrej Lovsin
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December 7, 2023

When an intrapreneur is faced with the task of convincing their team or superiors to embrace an approach they often come across what Chip Heath, a professor at Stanford Graduate School of Business and co author of "The Power of Moments; Why Certain Experiences Have Extraordinary Impact " refers to as "stumbling upon the truth." This phenomenon occurs when one heavily relies on facts, presentations and personal charm to persuade others.

However relying on facts rarely sways people unless the audience consists of scientists. Emotions and connections play an role, particularly in what Heath describes as "defining moments." These moments are not remembered for their details but for the emotional peaks they create making them both memorable and meaningful.

Lets take into consideration a hotel stay or dining experience. The highlights are not the elements that can be found anywhere like a mini bar. Imagine stepping into a hotel, in New Orleans and being welcomed with a beverage free of charge. Such unique experiences create lasting memories filled with excitement.

A perfect illustration of creating a customer experience can be seen in the design of iPhone packaging. Heath emphasizes that these boxes aesthetic appeal and distinctive design make them too special for many people to simply discard.

These are the types of standout moments that really leave a lasting impression.

Making Moments in Team Innovation

In team innovation it's essential to blend skills and create significant moments. For example Heath suggests starting a project with a kick off, such as featuring customer video testimonials that express their need for the product. This approach can make the meeting memorable and supportive during times.

Building connections within a team is also crucial. Heath shares an instance of a consultant who encourages team bonding by having members share their workdays. This activity helps team members view each other as professionals with skills enhancing mutual understanding and collaboration.

Guiding Change Through Emotional Moments

Charged moments are more effective in guiding change and fostering understanding than presenting facts or pointing out flaws. Heath illustrates this with the story of Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President of Microsoft’s Azure group. When Guthrie discovered customer dissatisfaction with a product he organized a retreat where developers experienced using their product as customers. This firsthand experience resulted in improvements to the product.

Heath emphasizes that identifying and creating moments is a skill for change leaders and entrepreneurs. These moments accelerate progress, towards goals. Have a lasting impact.

Be a part of the discussion! Chip Heath will be exploring this subject further during Lean Startup Week utilizing his book "The Power of Moments" as a guide. He will showcase how you can implement these principles to navigate challenges, transitions and important milestones in your role, as a catalyst, for change.

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